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Studying at University of Tampere is why I was in Finland, hoping to get ahead on my Bachelor of Administrative Studies (Honours) degree in Marketing. I am happy to report that it was a very successful year (1996/97) as I completed about one and a half years studies as well as a lot of travelling. It was a great experience. Thank you Finland, and the University of Tampere. For more information about the exchange see "study here." I am actually a student of Atkinson College of York University in Toronto, Canada.

Michael Seberisch & Brian enjoy Ice Cream in a cafe in
Bonn, Germany during Brian's visit in August 1996.
Index of papers written in Finland This is a collection of some things I have worked on while studying at University of Tampere in 1996/97. Some of the 10 entries so far, are actually interesting!


Possibly: 2003 - 2007 Central Michigan University, Masters of Art in Education - to pursue a better understanding of Education has always been of interest to me.

1992 - 2000 (graduated!) York University, Toronto, Canada -Bachelor of Administrative Studies, (Honours) Marketing - to upgrade my college diploma to a degree, and to re-inforce business theory studies. I have focused studies in Marketing since this is not one of my strong areas of previous studies. Fall '97 studies include: Introduction to Public Administration, Strategic Marketing, Social Conscience in Marketing, Distribution Channels, and Marketing Research I.

1996 - 1997 Tampere University, Tampere, Finland -Just finished a bi-lateral exchange with my home university in Toronto, Canada. Course of study included International Business, Finance, Marketing, Intercultural Relations, Strategic Management, Negotiation Skills, American History, Finnish, Swedish and Hypermedia computer applications.

1991 - 1995 Trent University, Peterborough, Canada -Bachelor of Arts, (Economics) -persued paart-time studies in general education credits that could be applied to the York degree.

1981 - 1987 Durham College of Applied Arts and Technology, Oshawa, Canada -graduated with diploma in Business Administration -three year course covered all areas of business studies including focus in personnel management, information data processing, accounting and management skills.

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